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Credits & acknowledgements to volunteer contributors

Provenance as a web publication could not function without the efforts of it volunteer editors, writers, graphic designers and consultants that have lent their names and support over the years, including: 

  • Guy Robertson, MLS, our first managing editor and prolific writer and records management specialist well known in the field of emergency planning for libraries, banks, and corporate data-record centers
  • Brenda Wong, BA Library Tech our web columnist on her articles, comments and insights on library technology and reference research in law libraries and special libraries in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto. see her 2005-2007 column
    Brenda was an early volunteer editor and writer for Provenance dating back to 1996, when she and Neal Chan, BA MSW, Library Tech. both studied and worked with Guy Robertson in Vancouver.
  • Teresa Murphy, MLS, our special libraries editor and specialist in technical copy writing, competitive intelligence gathering, and not to forget her travel articles. 
  • John Evans, PHD, our South Pacific correspondent, based in Papua New Guinea, is a specialist in library and collections development in 3rd world countries.  Dr. Evans has headed the University of Papua New Guinea's Library Sciences department, as well as the South Pacific Center for Communications Information in Development (SPCenCIID), today he is involved in a number of N.G.O.'s (non-government-organizations) on both grassroots local and national levels of Papua New Guinea.
    John continues to be the publisher of A special collection of Book Useful Articles & Information (BUAI) - research level articles and book excerpts on Papua New Guinea.
    • In 2005 John also took over management of the University of Papua New Guineas Book Shop and is working with staff to improve its publishing and distribution network systems.
  • Angus Weller, BA Geography, is our resident map-maker cartography consultant and contributor, samples of his pdf maps will be a regular feature of this magazine.  Angus has received international recognition over the years for the quality of his maps - receiving acknowledgement in Europe, Japan and China.  See sample excerpts from Tokyo map - Ginza district (about 160k).
    in 2006 his Shanghai pdf map was used in the Tom Cruise movie; in 2007 he is involved with USA and China companies to update and create new maps for their China and Korean business-communications ventures.  Visit Weller Cartographic's largest collection of pdf maps on the web at
    In his spare time, Angus promotes his home city at with his maps and photos.
  • Brian Buchanan, MBA, freelance writer and business consultant has provided travel articles as well as sound business advice over the years, we look forward to more contributions in upcoming issues.
  • Mona Chan, LLB is the founding web publisher the University of Alberta, Faculty of Law, Law Students web publication "Canons of Construction" which can be seen at
  • Tony Yau, Bachelor of Fine Arts (York U., Toronto), Master of Visual Arts (U. of Alberta), creative consultant / graphics-media designer now is based in Hong Kong.  In recent years he has headed large web content creation teams for a major telecommunications company (Hong Kong Telecom) as well as done consulting work and teaching college courses in design e.g. in Hong Kong's polytechnic colleges/institutes.  To see a sample look at this screen capture of Chinese version Hong Kong Education City Net or the English version of this site of a major on line education web site.
    In recent years he gave birth to Anjolico the wireless cartoon cat, Anjolico's cartoon strips have been featured in e.g. the Chinese Print Newspapers of Sing Tao and Ming Pao he has been an active promoter of health and safety habits for younger children, starting with SARS outbreak in China, as well as ergonomic/physiotherapy exercises for office workers.
    Tony's sense of humor is regularly promoted by Anjolico's cartoon / columns on "Office behavior and good-poor work habits"
    In the business/NGO world, Tony has been creative director for special projects for such companies as Sony, Fujii-Xerox & Ikea, and in 2006-2007 the fund raising project for China's poorer rural schools including t-shirts worn by Hong Kong movie star Ms. Choi Siu Fun, aka Ada Choi/Choy.
    Tony can be reached by email at.

Neal Chan, Lib. Tech, BA, MSW,
1995-2007 Publisher of
Email publisher
Neal has had photos and articles published in Provincial and National Libary Journals in Canada, as well as University text book publications such as Thomsons in 2006-2007.
Over the years he has worked with a myriad of web hosting and internet service providers (ISPS) including, Wimsey, Internet Gateway Corp. [Intergates founders William and Paul, were the first corporate sponsors of Provenance's website in 1995 (then based out of , Cyberstore (key members of the Cyberstore company went on to build , Cyberbia Info. Systems, (bought out by Pacific Coast Net), PacificCoastNet (bought out by Uniserve), DollarHost, Canada IDRC's Pan Asia Web Servers in Singapore, and the list goes on, we would like to give special mention to and for their ongoing friendly service and assistance with domain name registration 1995 and web hosting in 2007.

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Editors, writers + correspondents: Teresa Murphy, John Evans, Guy Robertson

Angus Weller, map maker / cartographer, Acrobat PDF specialist & son
Tony Yau, creative consultant / graphic designer