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Map of Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan - produced by Angus Weller, Weller Cartographic Services Ltd. - Canada Map of Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan, by Weller Cartographic

Credits & acknowledgements

Angus Weller, is the resident map-maker cartography consultant to Provenance the web magazine

Angus spent some time associated with a map-publishing company in Japan and an example of his work is shown here.  This entire map is available in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format at  His expert knowledge in use of PDF is currently being cited by a new book on the use of Adobe PDF format to be released by PeachPit Press in 2002.

We would also like to thank Tony Yau for the picture of his recent visit to the Ginza district in Tokyo which is placed on this sample map.  The actual composit of extracts shown on the above sample was done by Neal Chan - however if you want to see the amazing detail possible on a PDF map - you'll have to contact Angus.

Angus resides in Nanaimo, B.C. on Vancouver Island and can be reached by sending email to

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Neal Chan, publisher of Provenance the Web Magazine

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